Become A Trustee

Join Our Board of Committed Trustees

If you are passionate about supporting a local charity have you considered being a Trustee?  We are seeking Trustees with particular skills in;

  • Therapeutic services for adults and children
  • Audit & Risk Management
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Services for victims of domestic abuse
  • Health & Safety
  • Information management

To apply or enquire about becoming a Trustee contact Julie Smith on 01234 341 977 ext 2014 or by email at

“The Charity has a long and successful track record of helping and supporting local families; they are at the centre of all we do. We are also fortunate to have experienced and committed members of staff and I feel extremely privileged to be involved as a Trustee of the Charity in the work they carry out every day which continues to make such a difference to peoples’ lives.”



You can find out more information about becoming a Trustee from the Charity Commission’s website