Looking for childcare?

FfB Nurseries are open and available for new registrations of ‘ key worker’ children.

A number of local settings have unfortunately had to close during this difficult time.  Our Nurseries located in Queens Park, Goldington and Wootton are still open and happy to accept temporary registrations of new children until your usual setting gets back to normal.

We are currently operating a weekly ‘Pay as You Go’ invoicing process and the great news is that any free entitlement you currently receive can be transferred to an FfB Nursery!

Our fees can be downloaded from our website.

We are consistently rated as a ‘Good’ provider by OFSTED and reports can be downloaded from https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/49/RP903362

Other benefits include;

  • Exclusive use of the Famly App to keep track of your child’s progress and for communicating with the team
  • Flexible childcare arrangements which can be changed weekly in line with work commitments
  • An experienced team, dedicated to Early Years education
  • All childcare voucher schemes accepted
  • Continued use of your free government entitlements, from DAY 1!
  • Competitive fees

Give us a call today to arrange a visit and for further information.  We look forward to hearing from you!