Families First Bedfordshire introduced our Information Exchange and Workshops Event on 29 November 2017; which is the first of many to come!  At the time, it was one year on since the launch of our Horizons programme and we wanted to invite professionals and partners pan Bedfordshire to hear all about our achievements and the wide range of services we provide to support families impacted by domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental ill-health.

Professionals had the opportunity to participate in two bite size workshops to gain an insight into the type of service families’ receive, which included:

  • The child’s natural language of play to process feelings and enable a child’s full potential
  • The cycle of Domestic Abuse for victims

The event was well received and we were interested to hear about the impact the Horizons programmes has on professional, families and the community.

On 5 & 6 March 2018 Families First Bedfordshire successfully facilitated a 2 Day Training Workshop with Dr Sue Jennings in Attachment & Neuro-Dramatic-Play.

The training was well attended by a range of professionals across different specialisms and focused on the importance of sensory and messy play, rhythmic play and dramatic play.

Dr Sue Jennings reflected on how early playing helps to build the brain and establish healthy attachments and how Neuro-Dramatic-Play can be applied to all age children, teenagers and adults, especially those with developmental delay or who have experienced abuse  or rejection.  Participants were able to take away age appropriate interventions for working with individuals or groups.

Please do continue to check our website for exciting new developments and training opportunities to come in 2018!