Our Vision, Mission, Values and Aims

To Aspire, Achieve and Exceed

Our Mission

Our mission at Families First Bedfordshire is to provide an empowering, community focused service which enables families to thrive and have positive outcomes for todays and tomorrows generations.

Our Values

  • Honesty – A shared belief when working with families, partners and staff

  • Trust – Vital in order to achieve success in our work

  • Responsive – The right action at the right time

  • Understanding – A non-judgmental disposition held by all

  • Visionary – Striving to be the best, in practice and in reality

Our Aims – At Families First Bedfordshire we aim that:

  • I feel listened to as an individual and my opinion is valued
  • There is something for everyone. My children thrive and we wouldn’t be where we are now without your support
  • Staff are approachable and friendly, they always ask how we are
  • We have so many treasured memories, staff have really made a difference to our family
  • It’s fun!
  • I have lots of friends and the adults know who I am
  • I love playing with the toys and getting messy
  • I feel safe when coming to play
  • The service FfB provide is invaluable
  • Staff are reliable and trustworthy
  • It’s always a pleasure to work with FfB and the professional service they provide is consistently excellent
  • The commitment and expertise of staff really makes a difference.  They really do always put families first
  • I feel appreciated and valued at FfB
  • We are all critical friends to one another; we all accept and respect each other for who we are. We are truly one team
  • I am proud to work at FfB.  There are so many opportunities for me to grow my skills and develop as a professional
  • I feel motivated and encouraged by what we collectively believe in at FfB